The Deep River Singers

The Deep River Singers are a North Carolina-based choral ensemble that promotes the performance, education, and preservation of Negro Spirituals. The group was initially formed as part of the "Rediscovering the Spirituals" concert celebrating the launch of the Deep River Podcast. They are now a stand-alone ensemble that strives for excellence and education while spreading the message of the Spirituals. 

Our first performance was held in 2022 in Fayetteville, NC at the Cumberland County Arts Council. We have also performed in Raleigh at The Fountain of Raleigh Fellowship and the African American Cultural Festival of Raleigh And Wake County. Most recently we performed at Carnegie Hall with MidAmerica Productions.

Our mission

The mission of the Deep River Singers is to educate audiences and the community on the history of the Negro Spiritual through performance. Each performance provides a high-quality musical experience for all attendees coupled with an educational component. The Spirituals are a music we can all relate to and appreciate, regardless of our background. By sharing these songs and learning their story, we can better understand the human experience and history that links us all together.