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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Deep River Singers a community ensemble?

DRS is a semi-professional ensemble. All of our artists are accomplished musicians in their own right, even though music may not be their day job. 

Do I need previous experience singing in a choral ensemble?

Yes. All of our artists have previous choir experience from a variety of backgrounds. 

Will I have to read sheet music?

Yes. It is an expectation for all members to read notated music. This helps expedite the rehearsal process. 

I'm more of a solo singer, will that be a problem?

We welcome singers who are also soloists! All we ask is to remember you must blend within the ensemble. 

How much travel is involved?

DRS currently operates within North Carolina. Travel for performances is a given but rehearsals also occur. 

Is there an age requirement or limit?

Our membership spans various ages. Each artist brings their own unique voice and experiences.  There is a minimum age requirement of 21 years old.

I only know a little bit about Spirituals. Do I need to be an expert?

There is always more to learn. Every artist has an appreciation and respect for the Spirituals and that is what is most important! 

Is there an audition process?

Yes. The audition process includes three sections: a prepared selection, sight reading, and tonal memory. 

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